We are an architecture and design studio specialized in corporate architecture, retail and home staging, recognized for deeply understanding the needs of organizations, businesses and enterprises. We balance the essence of brand values with commercial needs, considering every detail.

Our designs come from a deep analysis of people and their business needs. In this analysis, our team becomes a key partner, providing a broad and commited point of view. This is why at UNA we work as a team: architects, designers, visual merchandisers and marketing specialists.

Each project is approached in a detailed, personalized and dynamic way, where the process becomes a collaborative experience.


Selma Bensión, Luciana Arbelo, Lucia Tedeschi, Cecilia de la Vega

Corporate image development | Brand manuals development Homologations| Pre-feasibility study Design of pre-projects | Executive Project | Construction management Interior architecture.

Projects nationalization Executive Projects Development (CAD,BIM) |

Renders, Photomontage